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This area of the site is the most pro-consumer aggregation of annuity information found anywhere. AnnuityMan national articles, videos, radio re-broadcasts, TV appearances, book downloads, and annuity podcasts are just some of the info offered and updated on a daily basis.

In addition, I have created a series of AnnuityMan videos that once again set me apart from all other agents. My FAQ (Frequent AnnuityMan Questions) videos allow you to email or call with questions, and I will answer them via video. My AnnuityMan Rant and AnnuityMan Consumer Alert videos will provide you the insight, knowledge, and insider information that is invaluable to any potential annuity buyer or current policy owner.

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I even give away a few chapters of my highly acclaimed book, The Annuity Stanifesto, as a free download so you can see why that book is still a best seller on Amazon and outlets across America.

With annuity guarantees only as good as the company backing them up, I provide a complimentary COMDEX Ranking report that shows the ratings, safety, and strength of every annuity company doing business in the United States. We update this report every month so that you can choose the best carrier available to solve for your specific situation.

I consider myself not only an annuity teacher, but a student as well

All of the information I present is user friendly and easy to understand, and always feel free to contact me if you every have specific questions or are looking for a unique piece of annuity information.

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