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Stan is a self-described annuity consumer advocate and deeply committed to educating the American public about how annuities can be beneficial, if they are purchased for their contractual guarantees. Stan The Annuity Man® always advocates:

“Purchase annuities for what they Will Do, Not Might Do.”

The Annuity Story HAS changed…

Are you telling the RIGHT story… or just being influenced by the same old FALSE annuity clichés:

  • “All Annuities are bad.”

  • “The insurance company keeps the money when you die”

  • “Annuities are too complicated and expensive”

  • “Interest rates are too low to buy an annuity”

Why do financial education and retirement stories largely focus on volatile investment products instead of annuities that offer contractual guarantees?

Because contractual guarantees are boring!

But guess what…

Every day 10,000 Baby Boomers retire and are looking for less risk, contractual guarantees, and more pension type income.

Annuities are the solution, and the only strategy available that solves for longevity risk – which is the fear of outliving your money. It’s time the public knows the truth about ALL annuity types, and understand their benefits and limitations.

Why You Should be Talking to Stan The Annuity Man®

Every day someone is sold an annuity they don’t understand. Stan believes that annuities can be great tools to transfer risk and to help in retirement planning. But they must be sold based on what they WILL DO, not what they MIGHT DO.

We have a responsibility to educate the American public so they understand how annuities work, and how they can be in the driver’s seat when it comes to purchasing annuities. Consumers should not be bullied or intimidated in the sales process.

Let’s face it. Every person you talk to about annuities gives you answers that are predictable and self-serving. You need someone who will give you the brutally honest and factual truth about annuities from the CONSUMER’S perspective. That person is Stan The Annuity Man®.

Stan is the country’s leading annuities educator which means you can talk to him about:

  • Basic annuities education and background
  • Retirement planning
  • Estate Planning
  • Regulatory changes
  • Industry trends
  • Consumers rights
  • The annuity sales process

Please provide the following information: