• Kerry Pechter
    Editor & Publisher
    Retirement Income Journal


    Stan has the necessary courage (and expertise and sense of humor) to tell the truth about annuities. By emphasizing that annuities are insurance, not investments, he helps his clients and readers understand how to use annuities to maximum advantage. He renders an important service to the public and to his peers in the annuity industry.

  • Ed Finke
    President and Co-Founder of Simply Money


    Having been insurance and securities licensed for over thirty years, I can say that Stan’s one of the brave few who is not afraid to call out the insurance industry on questionable products and sales practices. I always enjoy his columns.

  • Mark Skousen
    Founder of FreedomFest, American economist, investment analyst, newsletter editor, college professor and author


    Stan is the world’s #1 expert on annuities.

  • Tom Cochrane
    Founder – AnnuityDigest.com
    Annuity Digest


    I've known and worked with Stan for several years. Stan has put himself out there to create a successful business that is squarely focused on doing what’s right for the individual financial services consumer. When it comes to annuities, it's difficult to overstate how important it is to have access to a knowledgeable, straight-shooter such as Stan who has built a reputation and personal brand around consumer advocacy. Annuities are confusing and the decisions around them are big and often irreversible. I'm comfortable referring individuals to Stan because I know he will do his best to be genuinely helpful.

  • John Olsen, CLU, ChFC, AEP
    Author of "Taxation and Suitability of Annuities", "John Olsen's Guide to Annuities for Consumers", and co-author of "The Advisor's Guide to Annuities" and "Index Annuities: A Suitable Approach"

    Stan The Annuity Man is the source of a great deal of good, practical advice about annuities. He hasn't drunk either flavor of "Annuity Kool-Aid" - the one that makes you hate annuities without having any real understanding of how they work or the one that makes you believe that a particular annuity product is the greatest thing since canned beer. Annuities are just TOOLS, and for some jobs, a particular type of annuity can be the right tool; for others, it will not be. It's really that simple, and Stan understands that.

    I don't agree with every one of Stan's opinions about annuities, nor he with mine. But I'm happy to declare that he understands more about how annuities transfer risk than most sellers of annuities or 'consumer advocates'.

  • Dennis Miller
    Author, Retirement Newsletter Publisher


    I write a retirement newsletter. Annuities topped the list of a reader survey, they wanted honest, easy to understand information. What I found was a lot of misinformation, half-truths and complicated products designed to confuse the consumer. Then I met Stan and he sent me his Annuity Stanifesto book. A must read if there ever was one. He cuts through the smoke and mirrors and tells it like it is.

    If you are even thinking about an annuity, call Stan. When it comes to buying an annuity you have to get it right the first time. Stan has terrific research tools to help you sort through the myriad of confusing detail. He tells it like it is!

    It’s no wonder Stan The Annuity Man is not popular in his industry. He takes complicated products and makes them understandable, and tells the truth. Too many agents are selling high commission products as opposed to low commission products that better meet the needs of their client. Stan helps you understand all the products and determine what is right for you.

  • George Toth
    Founder and president of Chestnut Investment Advisory. Certified Financial Planner Licensee®, Certified Investment Management Consultant©, and Accredited Investment Fiduciary®, and the Past President of the Financial Planning Association of Philadelphia.


    Stan The Annuity Man takes the work out of investigating annuities and can answer any question, on annuities, known to man. 'The Annuity Stanifesto' is the most comprehensive layman's resource for anyone needing the facts about annuities. An annuity critic and consumer advocate, Stan makes it safe for anyone to stick their toe into the muddy waters that are the world of annuities. Can't recommend him highly enough.

  • Madden Advisory Services

    Hank Madden, CFP®
    Michelle Barron, CFP®
    Brian Hughes, CFP®


    Stan The Annuity Man is a valued resource for our firm, our show, and our clients. Insightful... forthright... and factual. A needed resource in a time where there is a lack of trustworthy representation in the annuities world.

  • Elliot Raphaelson
    Columnist, Chicago Tribune & Tribune Media Services

    A retired executive of Chase Manhattan Bank. Decades of experience as an advisor, teacher and author in the field of personal finance. He has taught courses in personal financial planning at The New School for Social Research and at the Military Academy at West Point, as well conducting seminars for Chase, Dow Jones & Co. and other corporations. He is currently teaching Personal Financial Planning for Rollins College in Orlando at the Rollins Center for Lifelong Learning.

    There is no-one in the annuity industry that I would recommend higher than Stan Haithcock. He understands the advantages and disadvantages of every annuity product, and has shown, in his "Owner's Manuals," he can explain the nuances of each annuity form in layman's language. Moreover, he has shown, in the many years I have worked with him, that he is more concerned with providing his clients with the most-cost effective product, even if means his commission is less.

  • Steve Van Wie
    Founder of Van Wie Financial, CFP®


    As a Certified Financial Planner® and the owner of a fee-only financial planning firm, I have known Stan The Annuity Man for several years. He has proven his expertise constantly, but more importantly he has been shown to possess and exercise judgment rarely found in commission-oriented financial professionals. In long-term financial planning we look to satisfy the fundamental requirement of "suitability" not merely with a product that will work, but with the best possible solution in any situation.

    Stan has shown us that we can rely on his recommendations without experiencing any conflict of interest problems that are so prevalent with most annuity and insurance providers. This rare quality enables us to recommend Stan to our clients and potential clients who have specific financial needs that we cannot satisfy in the fee-only environment.

    As a prolific author of clear, concise books and articles in his areas of expertise, he provides an education in areas not well understood by the investing public. Most of all, Stan tells the truth, no matter what people would like to hear.