AnnuityMan™ Consulting Services

Whether your company’s goal is to sell more annuities, sell against annuities, or possibly get into the annuity business… Stan The Annuity Man® can help you put together a concise and direct plan of action that will set your organization apart from all others by utilizing his AnnuityMan™ Consulting Services.

AnnuityMan™ Consulting Services has no competitors!

The goal is for you to win, and win big, and Stan will develop your customized playbook to do just that. With decades of experience at every level of the financial business, Stan can give you insight into the annuity world that is unique and unmatched. AnnuityMan™ Consulting Services also works with ultra high net worth individuals to provide customized annuity solutions to match their specific goals, and is a recognized leader in financial advisory and consulting services for both individuals and institutions with a focus on the complex world of annuities.

Stan The Annuity Man® stands alone as the pioneer and leader in the specialized world of annuity consulting that he not only created, but defines.

Contact Stan today to discuss your organization’s specific goals and to coordinate how Stan The Annuity Man® can help you or your organization right now.